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For the past forty years, Sunshine has provided a quality preschool program that prepares children for kindergarten within a Christian environment. When it began, it was the only preschool of its kind offered in our community. While there are other options for preschool and daycare in our community today, Sunshine continues to have a stellar reputation for preparing kids for school and shining the light and sharing the love of Jesus Christ. There are several people in our church and community that went to Sunshine Preschool and are now sending their kids.

Sunshine Preschool is a mission and ministry of United Presbyterian Church. Members of the church have been directors, teachers, board members, parents, and students at the school!


Kim Epperson is starting her third year as Director and our teachers, Amy Bruce and Cathy Clovis both began teaching at Sunshine in 2002. Kim says, “My favorite thing about being the director is that I get to hang out with little kids and implement an incredible program.” Sunshine has a great reputation among kindergarten teachers in our community because our alumni are well prepared for elementary school. 


Kids are taught to be kindergarten ready. They learn their ABCs and 123s. They learn how to write their name and work on their fine motor skills. They learn how to line up, follow directions, transition from one activity to another, and get along with others. Chapel gives us a chance to talk about the love of God with many kids who do not have a church home. 
This year our four-year-old class will meet on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and our three-year-old class will meet on Tuesday and Thursday. The hours are from 9 am to noon, with the option for extended hours from noon to 2:30 pm.


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